Chapter Micro-Volunteering Opportunities

NAPO-WDC is so fortunate to have wide diversity and talent among chapter members. It is because of this that we continue to thrive. Volunteering is a great way to make the most of your membership. It allows you to forge bonds with other members, to deepen your understanding of the organizing profession, and share your ideas. Without volunteers, there is no chapter.

If you have other ideas, please send an e-mail to

At Chapter Meetings

Table Coordinator - MD and/or VA Chapter Meetings
Recruit and coordinate sign-in table volunteers and print and bring to the meeting new member name tags and sign-in sheets.
Time commitment: Arrive for meetings 1/2 hour early at 6:00pm. 15-30 min./month for preparing name tags and sign-in sheets
Contact: Jill Katz,

A/V Setup Specialist - VA and/or MD Chapter Meetings
Load slides to your laptop before meeting and make sure layout correct. Bring and connect laptop to projector. Make sure laptop, projector, and microphone are working properly and microphones are turned off until needed. Work with board to make last minute updates to slides after board meeting ends at 6:00pm before chapter meetings.
Time commitment: Arrive for meetings 1/2 hour early at 6:00pm. 15-30 min./month to load and check slides on your laptop.
Contact: Joey Smail,

Outside of Chapter Meetings

Meeting Attendance Tracker
Use chapter meeting sign-in sheets to send final numbers to the secretary, upload guest sign-in sheet to Dropbox, and mark who attended in online database.
Time commitment: 30 min./month
Contact: Jill Katz,

New Member Welcomers
Contact new members to make them feel welcome, suggest ways to make the most of their membership, and answer any questions.
Time commitment: 1 hr./month
Contact: Jill Katz,

Membership Development Committee
Reach out to potential chapter members, including NAPO national members who aren't chapter members, and help with member retention efforts.
Time commitment: flexible, whatever you wish to commit
Contact: Jill Katz,

Meeting Invitations Publisher
Copy and paste chapter meeting info into an email, update the email list with current list of chapter members, and send the invitation to the chapter's email list. Two invitations are sent for each chapter meeting. We use Constant Contact to manage our broadcast emails. This is not very complicated, but you must be comfortable with computers. 
Time commitment: 30 min./month
Contact: Debbie Smith,

PowerPoint Slides Creator
Using an already existing template, update/create PowerPoint slides for business meeting portion of chapter meetings from board submissions and send the slides to the AV Setup Specialist for the meeting. We have a chapter PowerPoint license if you don’t already have PPT.
Time commitment: 1 hr./month
Contact: Debbie Smith,

Lists of Volunteers Manager
Working with the board, keep the list of micro volunteer opportunities and current volunteers updated as well as update member profiles to reflect their current volunteer positions. Track volunteers throughout the year and provide list to board for annual chapter awards.
Time commitment: 15-30 min./month
Contact: Joey Smail,

Board Badges & Pins Orderer
Order board and award winner name badges, drop plates, and pins.
Time commitment: 4 hours in May
Contact: Emily Strompf,

Mentor Program Coordinator
Recruit mentors, facilitate mentor and mentee applications, and connect mentees with a mentor.
Time commitment: 1-2 hrs./month
Contact: Jill Katz,

A mentorship program for chapter members is now here! Newbies will be able to gain expert advice from the chapter's more seasoned members. If you have been a member of NAPO for at least 3 years, you can participate as a mentor, which is a great opportunity to showcase your coaching abilities and services.
Time commitment: 4 hours per mentee
Contact: Jill Katz,

Business Partner Committee
Assist the Business Partner Director with developing and recruiting business partners and ensuring that BP members take full advantage of their promotional benefits.
Time commitment: 1 hr./month
Contact: Samara Goodman,

Share Info on a Conference Recording
We learned from the survey that many of you are not taking advantage of the free NAPO conference recordings available with your chapter membership. Recordings come with CEU credits, take just 1-2 hours, and are opportunities to learn from your peers across the country. Help us encourage other members to use this valuable resource by providing a short review for the newsletter about a recording you watched.
Time commitment: 1-2 hours
 Jill Katz,

Recommended Lists Spreadsheets Manager
Adjust formatting for Google spreadsheets for Trade Discounts, Recommended Reading, and Recommended Podcasts lists so all text appears on the website. Very quick and easy, and not technical at all.
Time commitment: 15 min./month
Contact: Joey Smail,

Annual Membership Survey Manager

Create, distribute, and review results of annual membership survey in Spring of 2021. 
Time commitment: 5 hours in Spring 2021
Jill Katz,

Chapter Awards Coordinator

Organizer of the Year, Business Partner of the Year, and Volunteer of the Year are awarded to three chapter members at the June chapter meeting. We are looking for someone to coordinate the process for 2021 by setting the calendar, accepting nominations for Organizer and BP of the Year, presenting nominations to the board, and working with the Lists of Volunteers Manager (see below) to provide a list of the year's volunteers to the board. Also, purchase gift cards and distribute website badges and gift cards to awardees. 
Time commitment: 4 hours in Spring 2021
Contact: Debbie Smith,

Special Projects

Social Media Graphic Designer
Create template images for members and the chapter to use in their social media marketing. For the member images, allow members to input their own name and logo.
Time commitment: 6 hours
Contact: Diane Greenhalgh,

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