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Timely Time Management for Students

September 25, 2020 11:16 AM | Anonymous

Janet Schiesl, Basic Organization

September 25, 2020

Students have been back to school for a while. How are you managing?

One of the keys to successful study habits is the ability to concentrate with all of the distractions around you.  Here are some time management principles that apply to schoolwork.

Have a purpose when studying.

Know the objective of each class and each chapter in the textbook.  This allows your student to use active listening and focused read actively.  If  they know the purpose of the class to start with, it is easier to recognize the information and get it into their notes.

Study in chunks.

Whether a student’s attention span is two hours or forty-five minutes, don’t push them further than their limit. Take a brief five or ten-minute break and resume refreshed.

Take advantage of prime time.

What ever period of the day that is your student is at peak mentally is their best study hour.  Concentration is easier and energy is higher during this time.  Schedule their more difficult tasks to coincide with their peak performance time.

Plan students study time.

By structuring students study time, it will be easier for then to concentrate on the task at hand. Without a plan, distractions come easy.

Develop the power of concentration.

Success depends on a lot of hard work and self-discipline makes it easier. Even the smartest student, with no discipline will fail.

Get your students organized.

Keeping your study space organized is important to helping students concentrate, think clearly and finish tasks quickly.

One of the keys to successful study habits is the ability to concentrate with all of the distractions around you. 


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