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10 Ways to Repurpose a Glass Vase

June 27, 2022 5:54 PM | Jeanne Fox Alston (Administrator)

Janet Schiesl

Basic Organization

have a small collection of glass vases. You know that kind that you get filled with delivered flowers. they are nice, but not as nice as the few crystal vases that I own. I never want to just toss them, so usually, I donate them. But every once in a while I want to keep them. How about you? Do you do the same?

Here are 10 ideas to repurpose those glass vases.

  1. Use a vase outside to house a fat candle. The glass will prevent the flame from being blown out by the wind.
  2. Collect coins inside a vase. Place it near the front door and encourage everyone to toss their spare change inside when they enter the house.
  3. Serve a summer salad in a vase. You’ll make a beautiful presentation by layering a salad in a glass vessel.
  4. Use a vase as an ice bucket or to keep a bottle of wine cold for a party.
  5. Place a vase on your bathroom vanity to store jewelry or makeup inside.
  6. Replace your utensil crock near your stove with a vase for a modern look.
  7. Re-purpose a collection of vases on your desk to hold office supplies like pencils and pens, paperclips, or rubber bands.
  8. Display a collection by filling a vase with marbles, seashells, or whatever you love and want to show off.
  9. Decorate for the holidays by displaying jelly beans in the Spring and Christmas tree ornaments in the winter in a glass vessel.
  10. Offer healthy nibbling by placing fresh fruit in a vase and leaving it on your kitchen counter.

In what ways do you repurpose your collection of glass vases?  Or are you ready to donate them to your local charity?

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