“I already know our CAMs” – Do you really?

We often hear our members, especially our long serving members, say that they already know the Corporate Associate Members (CAMs). We don’t need to talk to them because we already know what they do. Do you really know everything?

Our CAMs are also business owners/franchisers who have been and still are in the position of growing their business. They have made connections, made mistakes, learned valuable lessons and found terrific resources that can benefit not only their businesses but perhaps even ours. Their businesses have changed, just as ours have, and they may have new offerings. New staff also come in and bring new ideas, experiences and energy. While our CAMs would love to do business with us, they would also like to share their business knowledge with us.

They would also like to get to know us better because we too have experienced business in ways that they can benefit from. No business or business owner can operate in a vacuum and we have an opportunity in our next meeting to mix and mingle; learn and share; meet and greet and grow our resources for our own business.

Please plan to attend the May 2nd CAM Roundtable, you may be surprised at what you didn’t know!

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