Blogging…. it’s on everyone’s to do list!

Blogging…. it’s on everyone’s to do list! Blogging is often the last thing we accomplish on our to do list!

We have been told that we need to blog to educate our clients and grow our businesses, but not all of us are gifted writers. What should we blog about? How long should the blog be? How often should we blog? Should we hire someone to blog for us? How do we make it interesting?

NAPO WDC is offering our members a chance to gain information about this aspect of Social Media from a well-known expert. Autumn Leopold will be at our March 7th meeting to give us pointers.  Her presentation will include solid and proven techniques and trade secrets to improving, growing, and promoting your blog. There are five modules of her blueprint she will touch on.

  1. 1. Learn how to analyze your audience’s behavior, insights, and increase engagement. We will discuss how to speak to your audience in terms of benefits to them instead of services you provide.

  2. 2. Learn how to create a strong and clear brand for your blog. By having a clear brand reader will know what to expect from you in the future.

  3. 3. Discuss how to create engaging content and blog specific writing techniques.

  4. 4. Teach you some of her best tips and tricks for promoting your blog and creating a loyal social media following. We will discuss how to convert your social media followers into blog subscribers.

  5. 5. Cover how to implement growth strategies through e-mail marketing and webinars. Bonus: We will touch on ways to monetize your blog.

Please join us and gain valuable knowledge from our esteemed guest.  NAPO WDC is looking for blog submissions. If you would like to submit your blog to be used on our website (exposure for your business and practice of your skills) send it to


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