Get Organized Month 2014

Organizing Clothing

 On January 4, 2014, the NAPO-WDC Chapter organized the warehouse of Women Giving Back in Sterling, Virginia to help them devise self-explanatory sorting and storage systems for their all volunteer staff.

Women Giving Back was founded in June 2007 by a core group of building industry sales and marketing professionals. Their goal is to supplement the great work HomeAid NoVA is doing in building shelters. Women Giving Back helps women and children move out of homelessness by providing them with clothes, toiletries, makeup and clothing accessories to help them enter the workplace. 

These women can shop for professional work-oriented clothing and accessories without charge. Volunteers collect the clothing and open their WGB Store on the second Saturday of each month. The Store is located in Sterling, Virginia. Women from 100 shelters and programs are invited to shop each month.

Women Giving Back has distributed over 50,000 items to women from over 100 shelters in Northern Virginia. They restock each month, and need continual donations of good quality items.

Eileen Janet and TerryAltogether, including NAPO-WDC members, friends and family, more than 50 people participated in the event.  Virginia’s Governor-Elect, Terry McAulliffe and his staff stopped in for the morning to participate in and discuss the project with NAPO-WDC chapter President Eileen LaGreca and GO Month chairperson Maria White as well.

For more information visit the Women Giving Back web site.