Grow Your Business Through Mindfulness

sand-883068_1920Mindfulness – it’s a word you hear everywhere these days. Be in the moment… Be present… Meditate… Journal. Sounds nice. But you are busy. Your days are already packed with running your company. Why make time for one more thing in your day?

Because it can pay off big time in helping you grow and sustain your business, and even help you maintain your equilibrium during the tough times. The benefits are well worth the investment of a little time and attention. A variety of studies show that professionals who regularly practice mindfulness have:
• 32% decrease in medical symptoms
• 29% decrease in perceived stress symptoms
• 26.5% increase in acting with self-awareness
• 26% increase in observational skills
• 25% increase in non-reactivity
• 22% increase in non-judgment
• Improved cognitive function
• Increased productivity
• Enhanced colleague and client relationships

In fact, the benefits of mindfulness are so well documented, many major companies are incorporating the practices in their company. Proponents of mindfulness in the workplace include: Heinz, Ebay, Facebook, Google, Twitter, General Mills, Unilever and many others.

Mindfulness, defined by Jon Kabat-Zinn as “paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the particular moment, and non judgmentally,” is also supported by recent neuroscience findings. The subconscious continually assesses the environment for threats, triggering the fight or flight response when any threat is detected.

Kathy Cox is Crew Chief at Harmony Crew, LLC.


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