Get Your Living or Work Space Organized

If you need to get your home or your workspace in order, NAPO-WDC has the tips, tricks, and most importantly, the resources to help.

Whether you need to engage one of our professional organizers to transform your space, or you’re a DIYer who just needs a little guidance and a go-to reference, we’re here for you.

Need to clear items out of your space?

We’ve done the research and have compiled an exhaustive list of resources in the DC area for your excess items. Our list includes locations to donate, recycle, sell, and dispose of unwanted materials from clothing to cardboard to computers.

As you work through your project, be sure to reference our helpful videos for tips on organizing closets, organizing your office, organizing a childs room, or just getting organized in general.

Don’t have time to do it all yourself?

Organizing your own space can be an excruciatingly slow process riddled with distractions, attachments, and other personal roadblocks. A professional organizer can bring objectivity and focus to your project and get your things in order faster so you can focus on enjoying your life.

Feeling a little overwhelmed?

Even a generally organized person can be thrown off by a sudden change in their living situation or office environment. Others are surprised by how impactful order and organization can be to their relationships with family members or a significant other. In these situations and so many others, the expertise of a professional organizer can make all the difference in the world.

Use our organizer search to find a DC area professional organizer whose skill set and personality are just right for you. All of our organizers are members of the National Association of Professional Organizers and subscribe to its code of ethics and standards of excellence. We can also refer you to an array of Corporate Partners to assist with related services.