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GO Month 2012

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The culmination of NAPO-WDC’s GO Month activities took place on Saturday, January 28th. More than twenty NAPO-WDC members and friends volunteered their time and talents for A Wider Circle’s Neighbor to Neighbor program. Using our distinctive skills as Professional Organizers, NAPO-WDC members focused their efforts in two main areas, AWC’s warehouse and offices. We assisted in a variety of ways including; organizing and sorting huge piles of donated clothes and toys; setting up a new library and children’s area; stacking dozens of donated mattresses; setting up and organizing a new community outreach office; packing and clearing out Christmas decorations and gifts from the “Santa’s Workshop” room. We even organized a birthday gift room for children of the families that AWC serves.  Lucy Yost, AWC’s Community Outreach Coordinator, commented that “she had never seen so much achieved in such a short time by any group of volunteers!”

Our GO Month effort also included the tremendous contributions of several of our Corporate Partners. Junk in the Trunk , 123 Junk  and B-Thrifty hauled away truckloads of unusable, damaged items.  All this helped free up valuable warehouse space needed for the processing of usable donations. As a result, we were able to use this newly available space to set up new organized areas such as the children’s library.

All the volunteers who took part in this great community service project were inspired and fulfilled by the work we did. We were able to accomplish many projects on A Wider Circle’s Wish List. Most importantly, we know our efforts will make a difference in the lives of families in our area.  NAPO-WDC looks forward to continuing our community partnership with A Wider Circle throughout the year.