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Profound Impact, LLC is Hiring

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Owner Julie Gray, COC® established Profound Impact in 2007 as a professional organizing company. As we have expanded into the time coaching and consulting niche, it is clear that additional organizing support is necessary.

We are interested in hiring independent contractors with at least 1 – 2 years of residential professional organizing experience. Hours will vary on a monthly basis.

This position would be ideal for someone who:

– Is reliable and hard working

– Is confident in your organizing abilities

– Is able to keep the client’s needs and desires a priority at all times

– Is compassionate and patient

– Is detail-oriented and able to multitask on the job

– Can get to and from job sites on their own in the area

– Is excited to collaborate on projects

– Has some experience or interest in working with the ADHD population

– Has a flexible schedule and the desire to make a little extra money

Profound Impact, LLC is an organizational coaching firm established in 2007, specializing in teaching super busy entrepreneurs and business leaders how to develop the space, time, and energy systems they need to get out of overwhelm and make the impact they crave.

Focusing on the holistic approach to organizing, every client that requests in-home organizing services must also agree (and desire) virtual coaching support to ensure their systems last. Coaching involves habit formation, time and energy system development, and building their mindful awareness to focus on the present moment. Please check out our website at for more information.

If you are excited to grow your organizing repertoire in a highly collaborative role then please consider sending me an email at for more information about the position.

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Part-time Professional Organizer Assistant

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Basic Organization, LLC, is a professional organizing firm specializing in residential organizing services. This seven-year old company is in a period of growth and you could contribute to its success. The open position is part-time with flexible days and hours. The work may be somewhat sporadic at times. This is an ideal position for someone who is looking for a little extra money, doing something challenging and fun. You will receive on-the-job training with the potential for increased job responsibilities over time.

Basic Organization provides services to busy families, business owners, downsizing seniors and the chronically disorganized. We teach our clients the skills to get organized and live a more simplified life. We provide ideas, information, structure and solutions to help people regain control of their space. For more information on our company, please visit

The position would require:

  • Stellar organizing abilities
  • Physical abilities such as climbing stairs, lifting and moving boxes and small furniture
  • Good people skills such as patience and high energy
  • Excellent customer service attitude
  • Being able to think quickly on your feet
  • Working well as part of a group and individually

Basic Organization services the whole DC metro area and you must provide your own transportation to job locations. Some equipment may also be required. A background check is required.

In you are interested in working for Basic Organization; please go to  to fill out an application.

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Kick-Butt Business Bootcamp with Lisa Montanaro

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

 We are all at different stages in our businesses and have unique goals for our companies.  This workshop, cleverly titled “KICK-BUTT BUSINESS BOOTCAMP,” aims to help us take our businesses to the next level. That will mean different things to different people, but what we are ALL striving to do as business owners is the same… IMPROVE OUR BUSINESSES!

To some of us, improving our business might mean acquiring more clients and making more money… to others it might mean hiring people to work for our company, and/or gaining greater exposure.  To some improving our business might mean developing additional streams of income, while to others it might mean narrow our niche.  Yet for some, improving our business simply means creating more ease and efficiency while staying a small, one-person company.  All of these areas are ways to IMPROVE and all will be addressed at the KICK-BUTT BUSINESS BOOTCAMP!

Most of NAPO-Baltimore’s monthly chapter meetings’ programs focus on improving your client skills, BUT at this 3.5-hour workshop you will be given the chance to improve your skills as a BUSINESS OWNER of a professional organizing business.  Plus, it was created by a professional organizer, specifically FOR professional organizers, so you will be getting answers to your business questions that are customized to you and that go far beyond what you can get from general business support services (community college classes, networking, SBA, SCORE).  You don’t stumble on this type of industry- specific class every day, especially one that you have the option to attend live & IN-PERSON.

Here is what you will learn in this motivational and informative 3.5 hours:

  • Create a strategic plan for growing operations
  • Determine the right business model for you
  • Determine your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Identify your Target Market and Ideal Client, and how to market to reach them
  • Be perceived as an expert in your area
  • Delegate and outsource to employees or subcontractors (including organizing assistants, virtual assistants, etc.)
  • Create your Profit Pyramid
  • Create multiple streams of income, leverage and repurpose your content, expand your delivery methods, offer options at multiple price points, create packages and value-based pricing, and give clients a menu or suite of services
  • Develop Strategic Partnerships and engage in Joint Ventures
  • Establish a Board of Advisors
  • Draft an Operations Manual
  • Focus on your unique areas of brilliance within your business
  • Learn how to work on your business, not just in it

The presenter of our Bootcamp is also a big deal!  If you haven’t already heard, it is Lisa Montanaro! She is a NAPO member who is a very popular NAPO Conference speaker, highly successful in our industry, and is an attorney, so she brings another set of skills and information to the table when answering business structure and development questions.

Sign-up today to take advantage of the EARLYBIRD price break! (ends May 21st!) Share this opportunity with your own networks and we hope to see you there!

Important Links:
Registration page & in-depth event info:

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Simply Organized Services, LLC Is Hiring!

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012


Do you love to help people get organized?  Do you have a flexible schedule and access to a car? If so, you might enjoy part time work with Simply Organized Services, LLC! We are in need of two professional organizers.

**Interested candidates should have between 10-18 hours available per week during peak periods for client appointments.**

SOS is a Professional Organizing Firm operating in the Washington D.C, Maryland and Northern Virginia area.  We specialize in space planning and storage solutions as well as paper and file management.  Whether our clients need assistance with establishing a filing system or organizing closets and drawers – we provide systems that are functional and easy to maintain.

Check out our website at and contact our owner, Tamarah Fosso, at for more information about this position.

This is a paid advertisement. Advertisements on NAPO-WDC’s website, blog, social networking sites and/or any other technological outlet do not imply endorsement of their service or product.